Collecting Military Binoculars


French military binocular 7 x 22 Huet Paris Extra Lumineuze



No:  I.C. 16 584*   On the clamp nut is engraved 7910

This is a French military prismatic binocular issued for , made from about 1905/1909. It has brass cover plates. On the left cover the following text is engraved :  "Extra Lumineuse 7x." On the right cover only "Huet Paris".  The body is covered with leather.

It has sophisticated individual focusing, where a knurled ring  rotates to adjust the focusing of the ocular and the eye cup remains stationary.( A hundred years later it is used in the KOMZ BPO 7 x 30 ) It has a telemetric device in the right hand ocular: Swivel mounted calc-spar plate with double refraction.

(From Dr. Hans Seeger, "Militärische Ferngläser und Fernrohre")