Collecting Military Binoculars


British Military binocular 7 x 50 bino prism No 5 Mk 5


 No: 93894

On the left hand tube  is written "OS 419 MA "  This would stand for Optical

Store : Drawing number 419 showing the main arrangement of the design
The "MA" means that it was issued without a case while a "GA" suffix  would indicate issue with a case (this obviously became confusing when  cases were added/lost, etc. so the suffix was later omitted.)

Bino prism No 5 Mk 5  x 7".  The original Info on the left and right cover  was milled off. Why ??? But probably the maker was " Ross London".. The reticle is on the right side. On the lower bridge near the objectives, there is a "broad arrow"

The bino originally was painted green.