Collecting Military Binoculars


Telescope Scout Regiment Mk2 s  22x  1944


No:  18204


An nice example of a scout regiment MK2 snipers spotting telescope. The brass draw eyepiece barrel has a British Military broad arrow stamp along with model number, maker and serial number dating 1944. This model was first introduced in 1939. The optics are excellent condition and it has it's original well fitting leather case. Makers stamp is marked Broadhurst Clarkson.

Of note is the fact it has the correct patina expected to the brass draw. The lacquer has not been polished away back to the bare brass and there are still some feint area's of blueing remaining. The telescopes were never originally issued in bright brass. I can't imagine how effective a sniper would have been if this had been the case. The telescope is leather clad and again has the correct patina in the original light tan leather, which matches the case.

The scout regiment telescope has the original sun shield extension, and also the original anti glare sliding eyepiece shield. The leather case is in original condition.

The markings are as follows:


B.C & Co LTD

18204  (serial number circa 1944)


More info:

 (Spotting/Observers Telescopes (by Peter Laidler)