Collecting Military Binoculars


Chinon Countryman 7 x 35 EWA



No: 41865

Chinon Industries Inc. was established by Chino Hiroshi in September 1948 and was originally known as Sanshin Seisakusho. Its name changed in 1962 to Sanshin Optics Industrial Co. Ltd, finally becoming Chinon Industries Inc in 1973.

It is now owned by Kodak Japan Limited, the Japanese daughter company of Eastman Kodak Co. It sells digital cameras to Kodak and provides assistance to Kodak Electronic Products (Shanghai), the manufacturer of its cameras. The takeover by Kodak took place in January and February 2004.

Before that time Chinon had been an independent manufacturer of optics and cameras since 1948.

The same binocular came out on the market under the name "Sears 7 x 35 Discoverer EWA"