Collecting Military Binoculars


Dutch  Military binocular  6 x 24 “Nedinsco Telex"  ’s Gravenhage  1928



No: 1475011

This pair of binoculars corresponds with the  Carl Zeiss “Telex”.  Nedinsco (Nederlandse Instrumenten Compagnie) was  a cloak from the Carl Zeiss company, which  in 1919 secretly shipped the complete factory inventory abroad. They did this because the Treaty of Versailles gave the Allaid governements complete control over factories like the Carl Zeiss company.

(Arts. 168-170 set strict controls on the manufacture of arms and munitions in designated plants, require surrender of weapons, etc. in excess of those allowed, and forbid the import of war material of every kind )

A large part went to Rotterdam and C. Zeiss Headquarters in ’s Gravenhage bought in 1919 an old chocolate factory in Venlo. There the machines were installed  and in 1921 Nedinsco  started production. It produced of course military optical systems.

On the left bridge is engraved "D.v.D."    (Departement van Defensie) It means Department of Defence.

On the right is stamped " 6 R. A."??  Difficult to see. 6th Regiment Artillery?? Some one has been busy with a knife  to remove this engravings. Probably this binocular was stolen??

This binocular has  a graticule in mils on the left site.