Collecting Military Binoculars


Dutch binocular 'Nedinsco" 7 x 50 Venlo 1931



No: 1573905



This binocular corresponds with the  Carl Zeiss “Binoctar”.  Nedinsco( Nederlandse Instrumenten Compagnie) was  a cloak from the Carl Zeiss company, which  in 1919 shipped the complete factory inventory abroad. A big part wend to Rotterdam and Headquarters in ’s Gravenhage bought in 1919 an old chocolate factory in Venlo. In 1921 that factory started production and it produced of course military optical systems.

On the right side of the binocular someone tried very hard to remove some text. Probably "Dienstglas"  This happened sometimes with binoculars which were used in the German Army during WW2. Hatred goes deep.