Collecting Military Binoculars


Dutch (American built) military binocular 6 x 30 M3 Westinghouse 1944



 No: 5008

 After WWII  the  Dutch  landforces  were  organised  in  line  with  British  organisational  patterns,  and  were  basically  provided  with  surplus  British  equipment.     

During  the  fifties,  the  Dutch army  gradually  switched  to  American  organisational  patterns,  and  received  (military  aid  ex-USA) much  American  military  equipment,  including  binoculars.     British  artillery  gun-laying  equipment,  compasses,  and  so  on,  were  based  on  the  division  of  a  circle  in  degrees.  The  American  system  was/is  based  on  the  "mil" (360 degrees  =  6400  mils).The graticule is on the left side.

The mark M.v.O (Ministry of War) was used until 1959.