Collecting Military Binoculars


Dutch (American built) military binocular 7 x 50  M17 A1 Westinghouse 1950's



No: 51850


During  the  fifties,  the  Dutch army  gradually  switched  to  American  organisational  patterns,  and  received  (military  aid  ex-USA) much  American  military  equipment,  including  binoculars.     British  artillery  gun-laying  equipment,  compasses,  and  so  on,  were  based  on  the  division  of  a  circle  in  degrees.  The  American  system  was/is  based  on  the  "mil" (360 degrees  =  6400  mils).The graticule is on the left side.

This one was used at the 45 Afd. Lt. Lua (45 ste afdeling lichte luchtdoelartillerie te Leeuwarden)