Collecting Military Binoculars


Swift Audubon HR  8.5 x 44 1982-83



No:  823015 + 832193


Founded in 1926, Swift is the oldest existing American, family-owned & operated, optical company spanning three generations.The  President, Alison C. Swift, is the granddaughter of founder, Robert W. Swift.
Alison served as the National Sales & Marketing Manager for Swift's microscope division for 11 years prior to becoming Swift's first female President and CEO.  Ms. Swift is committed to preserving the legacy that her forefathers have created, while leading the company into some new directions.Some immediate changes that have resulted from Alison's leadership are a new DBA of Swift Optics, consolidation of Swift's operations in San Jose and Swift's new status as a Woman-Owned Business.

Swift has been in the business of developing and importing quality optical products since 1926, when the first roof prism binoculars were imported from Germany. Since then, Swift has added spotting scopes, telescopes, specialty optics, riflescopes and weather instruments to there family of optical products.

Swift introduced the model 804 8.5 x 44 Audubon binocular in the early 1960's and continued its production until 1999.With the turn of the millennium this venerable 40-year-old product was supplanted by the new waterproof Model 820 Audubon, which  clearly  carries  on  the  porro-prism  tradition  of  the  original,  and  has received justifiable praise.  Nonetheless, many users of the older versions look back fondly on the stalwart No. 804.

This is an older model 804. Produced in 1982.  The other one, with the F.O.V. in meters, is produced in 1983.

Like the other Audubon models, They are very clear and bright bino's, with a very wide angle of view. They have Bak4 prisms and glasses and are heavier and larger than their successor.