Collecting Military Binoculars


7 x 50 Kronos  1973


 No:  N 7307043 


ZOMZ: In­dus­tri­al Amal­ga­ma­tion Zagorsk Op­ti­cal-Me­chan­i­cal Fac­to­ry. Zagorsk (now known as Sergeiev Posad) is lo­cat­ed about 45 miles NE of Moscow, and is fa­mous for its monas­ter­ies. The plant has pro­duced many ac­ces­so­ry lens­es for 35mm RF and SLR cam­eras, and ap­pears to have been as­so­ci­at­ed with KMZ. Cur­rent sta­tus un­known.

ZOMZ's cur­rent binoc­u­lars show that they still use the logo on the right, and that the fac­to­ry's trade name is "Kro­nos". How­ev­er, the binoc­u­lars also have a large "ZOMZ" name plate on the front, so maybe Kro­nos is only the name of their binoc­u­lar di­vi­sion.






This binocular was given to me by a college. He used it  observing the sky by night.  It has a very clear image.  The logo on the left is a qual­i­ty rosette.