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Military Binocular “Terlux” Busch 18 x

No: 127048

Though the use of the Terlux models by the German Imperial Navy cannot be documented, they were very popular in the British Royal Navy: 'Busch Terlux are by far the best glasses I ever used' pronounced the English Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, as noted in a Busch prospectus of 1913. In 1912, another Busch prospectus contained the following glorification by the Geheimer Regierungsrat Dr. A.M. from H.:

'The 10 and 8 power Terlux prism binoculars have always served well on the bridge, and especially the 18 power model is almost constantly used, because of its great magnification, yet great sharpness and exact focus...the original apprehensions, that it could not safely be held by hand, proved utterly erroneous. In the hand of the experienced observer, it is quite usable, even from a rolling ship. This glass is often used by the officers of the ship, as well as by all members of the expedition, even His Royal Highness the Prince of Prussia, and is much praised.'