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7 x 50 Barr & Stroud C.F.41 Glasgow & London 1940

No: 26257

A.P. no 1900A

The CF41 model was developed as night binoculars for use by the Royal Navy, who adopted it in 1935 as AP1900A.

It was a Barr & Stroud CF.41/AP1900A, mounted on an 'enemy bearing indicator' aboard HMS Suffolk, that first sighted German warships in May 1941, resulting in the Royal Navy's successful 'Sink the Bismarck' action.

This pair of Vintage WWII British Navy Binoculars, CF41, is in very good condition. On one side of the lens housing is marked, (Barr and Stroud, 7X CF41, Glasgow and London). On the other lens housing is marked, (A.P. No. 1900A, Serial No. 26257). Also British Patents 435220/1934.

Large Military Arrows on both sides of the body. Both eye pieces turn independently to focus. Has unique built-in filters (grey, green and polarising) operated by external knobs. Both lens housing have metal shades ( spray shields ) that expand out making overall length of 11 ½ inches.