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6 x 24 Carl Zeiss London Ltd 1916

No: 1634 L 457409

On November 2 1909, Carl Zeiss Jena founded the Carl Zeiss London company. Address was 29 Margaret Street, London West. At first binoculars for the British market were made in Jena Germany. Later on (1912) production was started at the Mill Hill factory.

This service binocular was manufactured by Carl Zeiss London Ltd at their Mill Hill factory in 1916. The Fa. Ross took over the Zeiss premises in 1917, under the " Trading with the Enemy Amendment Act of 1916 ".

Engraving on the left prism cover plate reads: Binocular Prismatic, No 3 (Mark II) Magnification 6 No 1634. Engraving on the right prism cover reads: Graticule's ½° apart and ½°, 1° and 1½° high Carl Zeiss London Ltd 1916.

Numbers on the rims of the cover plates: 3234 L right, top cover and L 457409 and L 3234 on the left top cover.

Two broad arrows ( government property) are found on the front cover plates