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2.5 x 50 Husun Pilot Galilean binocular made by H.Hughes & son ltd London.

No: 160248

These antiquated looking Gallilean binoculars were designed as a commercial pilot bino made by the British firm of Henry Hughes as their Husun Pilot (probably in the 1930's) and they were made towards the end of WW2 for British paratroopers and were also issued with an RAF reference number for RAF Pathfinder crews. Their robust construction, wide angle of view of 10 degrees and (as you've correctly surmised) low light ability supposedly made them ideal for pilots and paras who may endure hard landings. (link to the military version)

This one is the commercial one from the 1930's, no military markings, only serial#, H.H & son ltd London and pilot are stamped into the bridge.