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5.5 x 16 "The Folding Minim" by Negretti & Zambra London 1915

No: 2052

Made by BARTON AND LINNARD LTD. 196 Clapham Park Road, London SW.

The unique MINIM, marketed exclusively by Negretti and Zambra, was one of the most unusual binoculars of the early 20th century with its specification of 5.5 x 16 and the ability to be folded completely flat.

The Company, which was formed in 1912, manufactured the Folding Minim binocular, designed by J.H.Barton. Only its very high purchase price stopped this binocular from becoming very popular.

World War 1 found Britain very short of quality binoculars and in June 1915 the War Office purchased 250 folding MINIMs from Negretti and Zambra for distribution to the Army, then posted to the Western Front. The Company mainly produced Box Sextants for the rest of the War.

After the War Barton took out further patents for a binocular which was called the Brittanic. It was not successful and the Company was dissolved in 1923.