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German Dienst glas 6 x 30 CAG (Swarovski) Wattens, Austria 1942

No: 12163

In 1935, Wilhelm Swarovski, son of the original founder, was a mere 47 years of age. Already an avid hobby astronomer, Wilhelm’s passion “to be closer to the stars", as he himself described it, awakened his ambition to build his own, improved binocular. With access to the specialised glass production and finishing technologies already used to manufacture jewellery stones in his father’s factory, Wilhelm managed to develop a novel prism fabrication and grinding process that he applied in constructing his first 6x30 binocular.

The company grew out of binocular production by Swarovski during World War Two.

Wilhelm went on to found Swarovski Optik KG in Absam, Tyrol, in 1949 thus laying the foundation stone for a sports optics company with a global reputation. His company’s first serial product, the Habicht 7x42, is still an industry standard in the field of hunting optics and continues as ever to be produced by Swarovski Optik in the best tradition of its founder.

This first version of the Swarovski binoculars is equipped with special grease (Kalte Fett) nessesary to adjust the oculars by temperatures untill – 40 graden (Blue circle) Weight is 400 grams. The body is made of aluminium.The reticle is on the right site. It was painted with in black paint crumbled cork.The leather strap is original. Still a nice bino.