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German military binocular Bund 8x30 Fero-D12 Steiner

No: 17279

The Fero-D 12 was made by Steiner, Bayreuth, Germany and, according to Seeger, delivered to the German armed forces from 1966 to about 1972. It was an attempt to cut down expenses, which were pretty high with the Hensoldt devices. It was also an experiment to introduce a high performance plastic (Makrolon) material for the body, which then was of lower weight and perfectly sealed against environmental hazards. The Steiner glasses were nitrogen filled and water proof. From today's point of view, however, one can safely claim that this experiment failed. The mechanical construction of this binocular turned out to be insufficient for the daily abuse during military service. Once out of collimation, it was hard to repair, and the number of items 'lost in action' led to a drain of property which was as high as with the more expensive, but maintainable Hensoldt devices. Today, the Bundeswehr has turned back to Hensoldt with its Fero-D 16.