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21 x 35 Emil Busch A.G. Rathenow telescope

Former German company located in Rathenow (north-west of Berlin) This company had been founded around 1800 by a preacher called Johann Heinrich August DUNCKER to make spectacles glasses. He transmitted the company in 1824 to his son Eduard DUNCKER. The latter having no children, he gave to his nephew Emil BUSCH in 1845 the company that was called in the meantime "Optische Industrie-Anstalt, Rathenow". E. BUSCH had joined the company five years before after having studied optics and commerce. He sold the company on October 22, 1872 to a limited company. It was then renamed "Rathenower Optische Industrieanstalt (former Emil Busch) AG" and he became one of the directors. The name changed again on August 14, 1908 and was then "Emil Busch AG Optische Industrie".

During WW II, the company's code name was cxn.

After WW II, Busch built no compasses more. The factory situated in the soviet occupation zone was renamed from 1946 on "Rathenower Optische Werke GmbH" and from 1948 on "VEB Rathenower Optische Werke (ROW)" (VEB: see abbreviations list in MISCELLANEOUS / terminology). It became later part of the company "VEB Carl Zeiss Jena" in the former East-Germany (GDR).

At the same time, the owner founded a parallel company in Göttingen (West-Germany) in 1949 and the name changed again in 1953 to become "Emil Busch GmbH, Göttingen".

This is a 4 draw leather telescope dating to around 1890, made by Emil Busch A.G. Rathenow and is of blackened brass construction with its original black leather cladding still firmly in place on the object barrel. The lenses are also in very good order, free from chips, scratches, and produce a first class clear image. 

Measuring over 68 cm fully extended, and 19 cm closed, it has a 35 mm visible objective lens with sliding sunshade protected by a separate brass end cap, and a swivel internal dust cover for at the eyepiece end. 

Asahi Pentax 7 x 50 Marine 1973

No: 801275

This Asahi Pentax Marine 7x50 with a 7.3º view is a rugged build binocular, water proof and has fine optical performance. The image is bright and crisp with great central resolution.

These "Marine" designated models are superior to the other models in the Pentax range, using high index prisms and better lenses. See attached folder.

It was produced by JB 2 = The Katsuma Kogaku Kikai Co.Ltd.