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German binocular "Multinett" 4 x 20 E. Busch A.G. Rathenow 1920's

No: Se.Z.M. 5614

Manufactured by the renowned German company of Emile Busch A.G. Rathenow, these petite opera glasses share the same high standard of manufacturing quality seen in larger binoculars. Believed to have been manufactured around the 1920’s, these glasses operate with precision smoothness and for such a small pair they give surprisingly good magnification. They are beautifully engineered. The engraving on bridge reads, Busch above a sunburst logo with the name Multinett below, and below that the initials D.R.G.M. The name of Emile Busch, with A.G. Rathenow is on the end of the focus wheel. This tiny pair is further finely engraved on the inside face of the eye piece bridge with the letters Se.Z.M with the number 5614 . 

At the front of the binocular is written " A. Oppenheimer Wien I "