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German binocular "Deltrentis" 8 x 30 Carl Zeiss Jena 1925

No: 1242646

The Zeiss Jena Deltrentis was no doubt the mother of most classic 8x30 Porro binoculars. On the list of Zeiss binoculars, this item is first showing up in 1920, along with the center focus version called Deltrintem. The wideangle eyepieces were designed by Albert Koenig, were free of distortion and contained 4 lens-elements. A single layer anti-reflection coating with a bluish color was first added during WWII. According to Albrecht Koehler, this ocular was replaced in 1947 by an Erfle design with 5 lens-elements and a certain amount of pincushion distortion in order to eliminate the globe effect. In 1978, the amber colored multi layer coating was introduced, and around 1990, when Docter took over the old Zeiss plant in Eisfeld, another improved coating of greenish color was used. The production of this binocular was halted around 1995. The civilian, center focus version, was also called Jenoptem during the 1970/80s.

Weight 1330 gram.