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8 x 32 "Stern " Beck Kassel

No: 171753


On March 31, 1892 Georg Christoph Beck started a mechanical workshop in his parent’s house, which evolved in the course of the years into a full size company of high quality optical instruments like microscopes and binoculars. After World-War 1 the company focused on the production of binoculars. In 1939 Beck produced 50.000 binoculars. During World-War 2 the company produced binoculars (army code fvx) and telescopic sights for the German army under the directorate of the owners Christoph and Franz Beck. In 1944 the name of the company was changed in Chr. Beck und Söhne KG. In that same year the company was completely destroyed and it was only in 1948 that the company could start its production again. The company specialized in the production of high-quality Porro-1 binoculars among which the well known 11x80 Beck Tordalk binocular, which was introduced in 1963. However also other models were made like well-made 8x32, 7x50, 10x56, 25x80 and other types. The company stopped to exist in the period 1980-1990. ( Source G.van Ginkel. Nl)