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German Binocular 6 x 30 Silvamar Carl Zeiss Jena 1961

No: 3177298

This Bino was made in Jena after WW2. The serial no. tells that it was produced bij VEB Carl Zeiss Jena in 1961 and the model is a Silvamar.

It doesn't show its manufacturers name and model name, because of the following reason:

Export products to countries outside the RGW or Comecon, were in that time not allowed to wear the name "Carl Zeiss" and were then labeled with "Jena." The 1Q mark supposedly indicates a "First Quality Export Product". The export trade name was later changed for West Bloc markets to "Aus Jena".

Founded in 1949, the RGW (Rat für gegenseitige Wirtschaftshilfe) translated with Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (known in the West often as Comecon ), was the economic merger of the socialist countries led by the Soviet Union. It broke up in 1991 following the political upheavals of the year 1989.

This nice, but well used binocular was used by the Faculty of Geodesie of the T.U. Delft in Holland. It has a reticule (on the right ) and the oculars focus individually.The instructions for the reticule were glued on the inside of the lid of the binocular case. (foto 4)