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German binocular 8 x 25 Steiner Byreuth

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 An early small prism binocular, made by Steiner. Weight: 240 gram.

STEINER-Optik GmbH, a German-based firm, was founded in 1947 by Carl Steiner. He was an optics engineer with some revolutionary ideas about how binoculars should be designed built and perform. Steiner developed his unique approach on binocular design and created military binoculars that were not only precise, extremely bright and lightweight, but also tough like no other binoculars available. The design soon became a favorite among the world's militaries.

Since the company's founding more than 50 years ago, STEINER-Optik has grown to be a leading supplier to the outdoor, hunting, marine, military, and law enforcement markets. Allied Armies around the world, including the U.S. Army and countless law enforcement agencies, sportsmen, nature enthusiast and outdoor professionals alike, have made STEINER their optics of choice.

STEINER was the first manufacturer to clad binoculars in rubber armor, the first to use unbreakable thermoplastics in a binocular body and the first to ever build a compass directly into binoculars. In addition, the firm is credited with mounting binocular lenses to a new inner shock absorbing system and holds countless patents.

Today, Carl Steiner Jr., son of the founder, is the company's President and CEO. STEINER-Optik is based in Bayreuth, Germany where they manufacture and market a complete line of durable, precision binoculars and accessories for outdoor, hunting, military, marine, law enforcement and birding markets worldwide.