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8 x 20 Eschenbach "Farlux" monocular/ microscope 1980's

Eschenbach Germany

The company was founded in 1913 by Josef Eschenbach when he set up a wholesale business for optical articles and technical drawing instruments, by 1950 Eschenbach were one of the first first German companies to import binoculars from the Far East in addition to their own production of binoculars in Nuremberg.

Eschenbach today are world leaders in optical precision injection moulding, high volume diffractive optics and their range of sports optics with offices in Austria, Switzerland, Japan the USA as well as others. They employ around 550 people (of these about 350 are in Germany and sell their products in more than 80 countries around the world including the UK, China and the USA. Their most well known glasses are the Eschenbach TITANflex that have a "memory metal" effect, which means that the frames quickly revert back to their original shape even after extreme deformation. 

This monocular can also be equipped with a microscope lens. (picture #4) The set can both be used as monocular and as a field microscope.