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German Dienstglas 6 x 30 E.Leitz Wetzlar


Service binoculars (Doppelfernrohr-also called Dienstglas or Doppelglas) were issued to officers, some NCOs, artillery observers, aircraft spotters, etc. The standard issue binoculars were 6x30 (6 power, 30 mm front lens), and made by a number of different well-known optics manufacturers and in a number of variations. Early versions had the metal parts lacquered black, the bodies being covered with thin black artificial leather or synthetic rubber. From 1943 they were also painted dark yellow without any form of body covering. A thin black real or artificial leather carrying strap was also attached. To protect the eyepieces, an oval protector of black leather, synthetic rubber or Bakelite was provided; this attached to the carrying strap by small loops. A black leather button hanger was also provided; this fastned around the rear of the connecting arm of the binoculars and fastened to an upper tunic button. The eyepiece protector and button flap were used when the binoculars were carried around the neck.

The binocular container (Doppelfernrohr Behalter) was of the ususal kidney-shaped cross-section and made of either real or artificial leather, black or light tan Press-Stoff or black Bakelite. An adjustable, detachable black leather carrying strap was attached to "D" rings on the container's sides, one narrow or two wide belt loops were fixed to the back surface.

On the right cover is written:

Dienstglas, D.F. 6x30, M, KF and H/6400

The right ocular has a crack. The reticle is not present any more.