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German Military binocular DF 6x Carl Zeiss Jena 1902/03

P No: 3248

For the C.Zeiss history click here

This early military prism binocular has aluminium covers and a screwed bridge. It was introduced on 22-07-1902 and could bear the official military name D.F. 6x ( Doppelfernrohr)

The DF 6x is probably the first model with the 40 degree oculars.

These bino's were numbered with a military number ( No), or a private number ( P No) for private sale to the officers.

On the left cover is engraved: Carl Zeiss Jena D.R.P. and on the right cover: D.F. 6x P. No 3248

The view is ok, some dust particles. The bino is collimated well. The leather is still in a good shape.