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14 x Stereoscopic Rangefinder OEM2 by Carl Zeiss Jena 1970's

No: 89195 and 746

The Carl Zeiss Jena OEM-2 is an optical rangefinder which works by stereoscopic principle with moveable sights.

OEM-2 is the abbreviation for "Optisches Entfernungs Messgeraet NÂș2". It served with the Artillery-observers of the army of the former communistic German Democratic Republic, NVA (Nationale Volks Armee).

Therefore it reflects the latest development of stereocopic rangefinders made by Carl Zeiss in Jena.

A characteristic of this construction is the biaxial sightkollimator, which makes the sight staying adjusted in cases of athmospheric influences like partial warmings of the housing by sun, which may cause changes of the angle of the mirrors or prisms.

It was made for

- Artillery observation

- determination of linear and polar coordinates of targets or hits.

- determination of range and horizontal and vertical angles.

Some technical data:

Weight of OEM-2: 27,5 kg;

Weight of tripod: 9,6 kg;

Weight of transport- and storage Case (with all supplies included): 32,5 kg.

Former salesprice, the NVA had to pay: 138.000,-- M

Required current: 6 V DC

More info: NVA Service Instruction A256/1/327 - OEM-2 - Description and Use.