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7 x 50 "Binoctem" Carl Zeiss Jena 1986

No: 6475015

For the C.Zeiss history click here

The history of the Carl Zeiss Binoctem 7x50 model goes back to 1919. In that year the Carl Zeiss Binoctar 7x50 was launched - optically the same device but with an individual focusing system. The Binoctem model, featuring a bridge and the central focusing, hit the shelves in 1931. In 1937 both 7x50 models underwent a slimming treatment because the metal used for their casing was changed. As a result the weight of the Binoctem decreased from 1300 grams to 860 grams (only to rebound later to 1010 grams).

The Binoctem 7x50 was produced with its sibling Jenoptem until 1990 so reaching the time when the plant in Jena was taken over by the Analytik Jena company; they has been producing Docter binoculars ever since.