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6 x 30 Mom Budapest

No: 647953

Suss Nandor (1848-1921) founded the company "Suss Nandor fele Praecizios Mechanikai Intezet" in 1900, headquarters at Alkotas utca, Budapest. The company produced optical and geodetic devices. Later, in 1905 the company moved to Csorsz utca 39 to bigger buildings. Caused by finance problems the company was transformed in 1918 to "Suss Nandor Praecizios Mechanikai Rt." After his death by a traffic accident in 1921 the origin Hungarian development was inhibited. The company was renamed "Suss Nandor Praecizios Mechanikai es Optikai Intezet Rt." The company got under the influence of Carl Zeiss Jena and C.P. Goerz. Between 1926 and 1932 the company produced radio models too. In 1934 company was renamed MOM, "Magyar Optikai Muvek Rt." In 1937 the company produced some optical devices for GB Army, during WW2 for German Army, for example some tank`s optics. Between 1945-1952 under Soviet management, the company was in very poor situation. From 1955 the production was growing, and from 1960 began the production of laboratory equipment. Since 1971 the company joined to the computer technology, they produced peripheries for perforated tape and according to French licence magnetic disk units too. In 1990 the company was split up in many little companies.