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Titus Supravis 7 x 35 Ever ready


Binoculars from Japan are rigidly inspected to make sure that every component is of top quality and that all mechanisms are in perfect working order. All optical products that have passed these rigorous standards are tagged “PASSED” by the Government’s Japan Telescopes Inspection Institute.

This brand "Titus Supravis" is unknown today, but the manufacterer is known. How? Simple,

the JL mark: Only those binocular and optical manufacturers meeting Japan’s Government standards of inspection and quality, may use the authorized JL symbol. This symbol accompanied by the letter “E” or “B” and the number of the respective manufacturer is engraved on the objective-end hinge or on the cover plate. The letter “E” designating the metalwork manufacturer is engraved on the right and the letter “B” designating the manufacturer of the finished product is on the left.

This binocular was made by Toyoshima Kogaku Kogyo Co. Ltd Tokyo. (JB 103)