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Dutch Military binocular 6 x 30 Dr C.E.Bleeker Medibu type 1 1950's Royal Army

No: 21958 844 N

This binocular is a pure Dutch product. Made bij Dr. Caroline Bleeker. ( Hier staat de Nederlandse link naar haar geschiedenis)

She started her factory at Utrecht in 1930. In 1936 the business became a limited partnership, the partners were among others dr. C.E. Bleeker and drs. G.J.D.J. Willemse, who was until that time chief assistant

of the Technical Department at the physics faculty, a very important position. In 1939 the limited partnership was dissolved, and Caroline Bleeker and Gerard Willemse continued the business on joint account under the name 'Nederlandse Optiek- en Instrumentenfabriek Dr.C.E.Bleeker' (NEDOPTIFA).

Before the war, Caroline Bleeker sold a 6 x 24 to the Dutch armed forces, albeit in small numbers: war broke out & production stopped.

After WW2 (1949) she started a new plant in Zeist (at the Thorbeckelaan), a city close to Utrecht.

After the war, both a 6 x 30 and the 7 x 50 were designed (on request) for the armed forces. The 6x30 (MEDIBU) was sold to the Dutch Army and Navy, the 7 x 50 (IBUNOX) to the Dutch Navy.

The 6 x 30 was produced in two variants: type 1 had the red dry-air nipples; this feature was suppressed shortly after introduction of type 2.

The change from Utrecht (Lange Nieuwstraat 13, Korte Nieuwstraat 13 + 13 Bis and Oude Gracht 194) to Zeist was effected May onwards 1949 - the new factory was officially opened November 18th, that year. 

She also started " het Physisch Adviesbureau", today known as T.N.O.

In 1969 NEDOPTIFA became part of 'De Oude Delft'. In 1978 the factory in Zeist was closed.

M.v.O (Ministerie van Oorlog) means Ministry of War. In 1959 it became the M.v.D.(Ministerie van Defensie), the Ministry of Defence.