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Dutch Military binocular 6 x 30 Dr. C. E. Bleeker Medibu 1950's Royal Dutch Navy

No: 18922

This bino shows the excellent qualities for which miss Bleeker is known. The first thing literally meets the eye, is the quality of the optics – and the precision the instrument has been built. Razor-sharp images of great contrast and excellent rendering of colours with an enormous definition.

Greatest quality: the rest in the images only obtained by Leitz at the time.

On the left side there is an engraving of the Royal Dutch Navy ( a "K" and a "M" divided by an crowned anchor) and the number 575.20.08.03. On the right side you find "Dr. C.E.Bleeker Zeist Medibu 6 x 30".

On the left bridge to the front, there is the serial # 18922.

No reticle.