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Nedinsco D.F. 6 x 24 1931

No: 1588100

This Nedinsco binocular is well preserved. Functioning 100% and no dust inside. It came with the original leather Case.

The extra markings are on the left " DvD" ( Department of Defence) and on the right "H.K.V." = Hoofdkwartier van het Veldleger.(means Headquarters of the Field Army) It was produced in July 1931.

This binocular belonged to a former Dutch secretary of War, Alexander H.J.L. Fiévez. (1902-1949) His grandson sold this binocular to me.

Fiévez was Minister of War ( 1946 - 1948 ) in the cabinet Beel I, then briefly parliamentarian. He had been a socially active officer , including in the Catholic officer association . In May 1940 he was involved in the defense of the Grebbelinie. As Minister, he was (partly) responsible for sending conscripts to Indonesia. His military service law made an active Dutch role in NATO possible . After his ministry until his death he was vice chairman of the KVP. ( the Catholic People's Party)