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Telescope Scout Regiment Mk2 s 20x 1940

No: 4178

An nice example of a scout regiment MK2 snipers spotting telescope. The brass draw eyepiece barrel has NO British Military broad arrow stamp. The model number, maker and serial number date 1940. This model was first introduced in 1939. The optics are excellent condition and it has it's original well fitting leather case. Makers stamp is marked Broadhurst Clarkson.

The telescope with these markings was made by precision instrument manufacturer Broadhurst Clarkson, in London, during World War 2. The Military designation is Telescope, Scout Regiment Mk. II s.

These telescopes were specifically designed for use by snipers. A Scout Regiment Telescope was included in the crate with the Lee Enfield No4T .303 Sniper rifle issued to British, Canadian and other Commonwealth snipers.

After WWII the Dutch landforces were organised in line with British organisational patterns, and were basically provided with surplus British equipment. So that's how this scope came to The Netherlands.

In Great Britain these WW2 telescopes were later included in the equipment issued with with the L42 A1 7.62 cal. sniper rifles.

The scout regiment telescope has the original sun shield extension, and also the original anti glare sliding eyepiece shield. The leather case is in original condition, but the sling is missing.

The markings are as follows:


B.C & Co LTD

4178 (serial number circa 1940)

O.S.126.G.A No Broad arrow!!!

More info:

(Spotting/Observers Telescopes (by Peter Laidler)