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Dutch binoculars                                 

Military binoculars:

Civilian binoculars:

 Scheme of the Dutch Military Departments/ministries in time

D.v.O. means Departement van Oorlog (Department of War) (1815 - 1927) and (1941 - 1947)

M.v.O. means Ministerie van Oorlog (Ministry of War) [1947- 1959)

D.v.D. means Departement van Defensie (Department of Defence (1928 - 1941)

M.v.D. means Ministerie van Defensie (Ministry of Defence) (1959-...

Until 1923 officers in the Dutch Army were assumed to purchase their own binoculars.

In 1924 the first binoculars were issued by the Army to their Officers.