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PZO 7 x 45 z 

No serial#

With 45mm objectives, the PZO occupies a position between the 7x40 and the night-specialist 7x50. It was produced for the Polish army by PZO (Polskie Zaklady Optyczne), a factory located close to Warsaw. After the end of the cold war, the 7x45 remained in production and is nowadays called 'LP-7x45Z'. Like the IOR-SA and the NVA DF, it has a robust rubber armor, snap-in objective covers and a long eye-relief. The eye-cups are contoured to shield the eyes from side stray light. This sample seems to be without serial no., and it is not easy to estimate its age. The lenses appear to be multi-coated, although not with state of the art technology.

(text by Holger Merlitz)