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IOR Valdada B/ GA 7 x 40 1982

Serial# has been removed. Binoculars were probably stolen.

IOR has been making quality optics since the mid 1930s. This Romanian manufacturer, located in Bucharest, began production in 1936 and was drafted by German forces in WWII. During the war they produced a wide range of optics from reflector gun sights for aircraft, artillery ranging devices, telescopic sights and binoculars. When Romania was absorbed into the Warsaw Pact after the end of 1939 to1945 pleasantries, Ior became a major supplier to the military forces of the East. Along with the Carl Zeiss firm, IOR supplied military grade optics throughout the cold war era. As you would expect from its East block origins, IOR's products have a certain feel and look to them In short, they appear to be over built and rock tough.

IOR B/GA 7x40-R binoculars has a body made of steel and a heavy rubber armor covering.

The lenses have a T3 Magnesium Fluoride, anti-reflex multi-coat which IOR claims to provide 98% light transmission. The bright image appears to be slightly yellow-amber. This provides good contrast for normal lighting and cuts down on eyestrain when viewing in bright conditions. IOR provides a set of amber filters. They have a very high level of contrast for hazy and harsh bright-light conditions.

IOR B/GA 7x40 has BaK4 Porro prisms. The binosculars are waterproof and nitrogen filled to avoid fog internally.