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Selsi 10 x 30 monocular with trigger to focus

Selsi Company, Inc. traces its beginning back to 1854, when its predecessor Sussfeld Lorsch Company was created to import optical products from Europe. Before the turn of the 20th century, the business was renamed Sussfeld, Lorsch and Schimmel when a relative joined the growing company. The business flourished as it became a leader of imported optics such as binoculars and telescopes as well as watches and clocks.

In 1929, the business was incorporated and became known as Selsi Company, Inc. The name was derived from combining the founding partners’ initials with two vowels. “Selsi” had been one of Sussfeld, Lorsch and Schimmel’s trade names, and had been used on its products for many years.

Selsi Company, Inc. has a long history of adapting to changing technologies and international markets. After World War II, much of the optical market moved from Europe to the Far East, and Selsi was one of the first United States importers to open an office in Tokyo. Today, Selsi is proud to present a large collection of fine optical products including prism binoculars, sport and opera glasses, telescopes, monoculars, readers, and magnifiers. Selsi Company, Inc. also supplies a large number of low vision products to the industry.

This unusual monocular by Selsi made in Japan, has a pistol-like handle with a spring trigger. The trigger pushes the ocular lens system backwards in order to focus.