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Swift Seahawk 7 x 50 model 753A 

No: 3704

Text on the left armor: "Waterproof, Bak 4 prisms, Nitrogen filled"

Text on the right armor: "7 x 50, 131 m /1000 m, 393 ft / 1000 ft"

This binocular was presented to a Dutch ship's officer after his exam's in 1994.

Great bino.

Swift Seahawk Series 7×50 Binocular is been specifically designed for the purpose of boating and activities like the duck hunting and birding. Known is the fact that for observation in a platform other than the land requires certain specifications to suit them. The images that is been looked through should speak of the quality as original. Some of the essential features that are required for the marine observation is been discussed below along with the review of this Binocular.

Magnification: This is a general criterion that should look into and in the normal trend; it is been well known that the higher the magnification the better is the vision of the images. In the care of marine observation, this concept is quite contrary. The higher magnification seems to encounter problems like the stability of the image is lower as the observers stand on the water base for viewing. Concluding that the best magnification for the use in boats is 7x and this model is exactly equipped with the best.

Objective lens: This is been known as the aperture of the binocular that is measure of the objective lens found in the binocular. The objective lens diameter is the one that determines the light gathering ability of the unit. When the lens size is high, it cannot serve as a compact device and tends to be bulkier. In this case, for the marine purpose the larger aperture makes it to be used even in the dim light conditions. The most desirable aperture can be between 30 to 50mm. Swift Seahawk 753 7x50BIF Binocular under review gives an aperture of 50mm and seems to be a smart pick for the user.

Focus system: The focus system is indispensable and the individual focus system is far better than the fixed one. It provides the user with a systematic viewing of the objects, specially the one close by.

Field of view / Close focus: The marine observers often tend to use for birding or duck hunting and whereby they are fast moving. In this case, the field of view is required to be wide to make the images come into vision easily. The field of view of this Binocular is 122m at 1000 meters. The close focus can obtain up to 5m.

Construction: The boating binoculars should be embedded with few must have features regarding its construction. The most essential is the waterproof technology. This model has nitrogen purges and is completely O-ring sealed and makes it both waterproof and fog proof. This supports observation even during the extreme of weather conditions. With regard to the size and the weight, it is less important for the user as it would be used in certain specified circumference. However, this device is not a taxing one and it weighs 1200 grams.

Eye relief and Eyecups: The eye relief is an important convenient feature that has to be looked into if the user is an eyeglass wearer. The binocular goes positive if it has a minimum of 15mm and exciting is the fact that Swift Seahawk 7×50 Waterproof and Fog Proof Binocular is been provided with 24mm eye relief. The eye cups are been designed with retractable rubber.