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Komz BPO 7 x 30

No 2C1219

( For the Komz history, click here)

The BPO is still produced at the KOMZ plant (Kazansky Optiko-Mekhanichesky Zavod) in Kazan and seems to be currently used in the Russian army

'B' stands for binocular, 'P' for Porro prism, and 'O' stands for individual focus oculars.

It is featuring a pair of impressive oversized oculars with internal focusing, i.e. they neither move nor turn when focused. The BPO offers a razer sharp and crisp image. The rubber eyecups screw in for use with gas-mask. There is a reticle in the right hand side which cannot be illuminated.

Impressive is the extreme sturdy metal body which is not only water-proof but promises a reliable functioning at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The BPO comes with yellow filters attached to the ocular-cover.(by Holger Merlitz )