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KOMZ (Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant) first started to operate on 8th of February 1940 — the date of registration by a State body in the list of enterprises of the former USSR. In the beginning KOMZ developed products of GOMZ, located in Leningrad. The professional managers and skilled personnel were transferred to Kazan in order to increase the quality of goods and streamline production methods.

In late 1941 KOMZ made the first large scale run of 5000 binoculars with 6-power magnification followed by military mortar and tank scopes. At the beginning of 1942, a famous artillery scope “GERDA PG” was designed here. By the end of 1942 the number of binoculars manufactured at KOMZ reached 15000 pcs a month. It is at KOMZ that the first conveyor was launched to produce optics products on a large scale, and by the end of 1945 the output increased up to 25000 pcs a month.

During the Second World War KOMZ produced a wide range of optics instruments:


photographic objectives;

photo controlling devices;

marine range finders, dive-bombers scopes.

Throughout the war the total number of scopes and binoculars exceeded 700 000 pieces.

In post war years the line of products shifted to producing interferometers, astronomic and projection instruments, aerial cameras. Along with these, a brand new product line was introduced – spectroscopes, IR – devices, refractometers, microfilm cameras, electro photographic copiers and film cameras. By the year 1960 the range of goods topped 209 items while 25% of them went into production for the first time ever.

With the advent of Perestroika KOMZ designs and develops new conversion lines: night vision devices “Baigish” (Owl) over 15 models, laser range finders, depth measuring instruments, various types of spectrum analyzers, laser spectrometers for measuring environmental pollution, riflescopes in addition to over 12 types of medical instruments.

Over the last 64 years KOMZ succeeded in concentrating a team of highly experienced and skilled employees, creating pivotal technologies in optics, foundry and mechanoprocessing industries.

Today KOMZ is a diversified company possessing great scientific and technical potential. Its commitment to excellence is as strong today as it was 65 years ago. The KOMZ signature on a product is your assurance that you have purchased one of the world’s finest optical instruments. It manufactures:

Star tracking systems and celestial telescopes;

Streak cameras and surveillance equipment;

Viewfinders, opticoelectrical monitoring and targeting systems;

Binoculars, spotting scopes and night vision devices;

Spectrum analyzers, refractometers;

Broad sheet electrophotographic copiers and microfilming instruments;