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Tactical night vision binoculars 1992 2,5 x 42

No: 920133

This is the sharpest binocular within the "NIGHTHAWK" family.

While the objective lens power is the same as in higher magnification 4x "Nighthawks",

eyepieces magnify the image from the screen much less. As a result they deliver to the eyes a very fine and bright image and screen structure and grain are almost not noticeable. The Binoculars provide excellent visibility within 400 yards range and are recommended for general observation purposes.It is a light unit, convenient to carry and use, provides close focusing up to 10 yards and may be equipped with High Power IR Illuminator R046/R046a for viewing in absolute darkness.


System magnification, times 2.5x

Effective range, yards 10-425

Angular field of vision, deg. 12

Ocular adjustment limits, dptr. +5 ..... -5

Interpupillary adjustment, mm. 58 ..... 74

Batteries 2 AA. Battery life, hours 40-50

Uninterrupted operation limit, hours 6

Dimensions, mm. 220x140x90

Weight, lbs. 2 lb.8oz.

.Operating temperature range, deg. -30°C to +40°C

Minimum illumination required, .005 lux

Image tube spectral response, nm. 400-900

Image tube resolution, lp/mm. 33-35

Image tube sensitivity, mka/lm. 300